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The Boomer Gal, Kalynn Amadio – CEO Ikalynn, LLC

Helping Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs become THE driving force behind a prosperous economy.

Are you tired of waiting for the government to help small businesses thrive? Our economy sucks and it is nearly impossible to be heard in a noisy marketplace created by the Internet.

4 Out of Every 5 Baby Boomer Business Owners Will Not Enjoy Financial Freedom

According to Bloomberg, 4 out of 5 new businesses fail within 18 months of opening. Yet the SBA.gov tells us that approximately 543,000 new small businesses get started each month and are responsible for over 50 percent of the US working population.

Kalynn Amadio is determined to fix the economy, one Baby Boomer Entrepreneur at a time. [Boomerpreneur]

She helps Baby Boomers flourish in this ever-changing world of the Internet, social media, video and mobile technology. Ikalynn, LLC is the corporate entity she founded in 2008 to guide savvy and motivated Boomers to succeed building a profitable business.

Ikalynn, LLC has exercised into Web design, local SEO, social media, video and mobile marketing on the Web. The Boomer Gal, Kalynn Amadio, has an extensive knowledge of what works and what is a waste of your time.

An author, speaker, engineer, and entrepreneur; Kalynn helps maximize online marketing efforts to build a thriving business. Author of the upcoming book, The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide To Social Media, Kalynn speaks regularly in the New York City Tri-state area on various aspects of online marketing. Her Realistic Solutions + Unexpected Ideas have been featured on several business podcasts and radio shows where she shares her best secrets for success. You can hear Kalynn and her expert guests on The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide Podcast where topics like entrepreneurship, dating, relationships, parenting, health, sex, travel, retirement and more are tackled from the Boomer point of view.

As a Baby Boomer, online marketing consultant, wannabe yo-yo master, architectural engineer, lighting designer, Schnoodle owner, radio host, mom and romance novel reading 3rd degree black belt; Kalynn understands the busy life of a small business owner. She tailors her guidance to help them make the best use of their time and talent while reaping the rewards of successful digital marketing. Hear her podcast at ACTLOCALmarketing.com and learn more about how she can guide you into the 21st century on our Services page.

Are you ready to take back our economy?

Typical Services

  • Wordpress · 80%
  • Social Media · 70%
  • SEO · 90%
  • Video · 40%
  • Consulting · 80%
  • Training · 60%
  • Coaching · 80%

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